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Can You Really Tint White Paint With Kool-Aid Mix?
White paint can easily be tinted to create beautiful, muted colors, and an inexpensive way to do so that you may not have considered is adding a Kool-Aid mix.
Combining Kool-Aid powder with your favorite white paint may help you to achieve the perfect shade, while also infusing your paint with a fruit-filled essence.
From grape for purple, cherry for red, lemonade for yellow, or strawberry for pink, you can easily and quickly create a rainbow of colors just by visiting your pantry.
As is the case when creating any new color, you'll need to shake the paint and Kool-Aid mix up well — using either a hand-held mixing tool or an electric paint mixer.
@thatonedunkingirll of TikTok adds four packs of Blue Raspberry Lemonade flavor into a gallon of white paint. She then adds a tablespoon of water to help the powder dissolve.
The outcome is an outstandingly bright robin's egg blue. You also could mix the Kool-Aid in water prior to pouring it in the paint to help the powder disperse in the paint better.