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Can You Really Use Sugar To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds?
Keeping the yard weed-free is a challenge most homeowners face, and while chemical herbicides are available, many seek natural and eco-friendly alternatives to drive weeds away.
One thing that will control weeds is sugar. The presence of sugar encourages grassroots to find nitrogen in the soil, a vital nutrient for their growth.
As a result, grass becomes more competitive in its nitrogen use, depleting the available nitrogen resources for weeds. The process creates an environment where grass can thrive.
You can use a lawn spreader to disperse the sugar in either its granulated or powdered form. Water the yard well afterward and dissolve the granules to avoid attracting pests.
Alternatively, you can fill a manual sprayer with 2 cups of molasses and 10 gallons of water and use it to lightly coat your lawn.
The best time to use the sugar is early mornings on warm, sunny days when the weeds are actively growing during spring. Ensure the leaves are coated to maximize effectiveness.
Combining this trick with a comprehensive weed control plan that includes mowing, proper watering, and fertilization will help you achieve a healthier weed-free lawn.
This environmentally friendly and cost-effective prevention method is safe and has several advantages over chemical herbicides, such as not releasing harmful toxins into the soil.
However, the effectiveness of this technique varies depending on location. While it will control weeds, it may not entirely eradicate them, and may lead to some fungus growing.