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Can You Unclog Your Toilet With A Plastic Water Bottle?
If you don’t have a plunger, you could use a plastic water bottle — ideally, a two-liter one — to unclog minor blockages in a toilet. Unfortunately, it won’t work for major clogs.
An empty plastic water bottle creates pressure to free the drain. The vacuum made by the bottle forces air and water down the pipe, clearing any debris.
If the toilet bowl is filled close to the rim, start by scooping out the excess water. Remove the cap on the bottle, and lodge the mouthpiece in the toilet’s opening.
If the bottle cap is too small to cover the drainage hole, use the wider end of the container. To do this, twist the bottle cap on tightly and cut the base of the plastic bottle.
Insert the open side of the plastic in the toilet. Squeeze it rapidly to build up pressure that will shoot strong airflow down the drain, and repeat this until the toilet unclogs.
After the water bottle plunge, pour hot water into the bowl to rinse any debris, and test if it worked. The hot water should run down the drain to level out the liquid in the bowl.