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Can You Use Dryer Sheets To Keep Mice Away?
In addition to removing static and softening clothes, dryer sheets can be used to freshen shoes and trash cans, repel bugs, scrub dirty pots, remove toilet rings, clean glass and chrome, and remove dust. This affordable tool can also repel mice or other rodents, so if you’ve seen signs of them in your home, try using dryer sheets to get them out.
Mice don’t like the scent of dryer sheets, so rub them along the mice’s path or place them in the corners of your pantry to keep rodents away from your home without killing them. However, mice will get used to the smell, making it ineffective for a long-term solution, but if you use the sheets along with other methods, it can be effective for getting rid of larger infestations.
Other methods to get rid of mice include stuffing steel wool or copper mesh into any opening in your home as mice cannot chew through these materials, or using cat litter, peppermint and clove oil, or hot pepper solutions to keep them away. Getting a cat or setting non-deadly traps are other options that can all be used in conjunction with dryer sheets.