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Can You Use Dryer Sheets To Repel Insects?
Home remedies claim to keep away mosquitos or other pests and are usually backed without a scientific sign-off. However, studies have shown that linalool, the main substance in dryer sheets, may repel pests as it is fragrant to humans but not to some bugs, so here’s how dryer sheets can be used to rid your home of pests.
A common hack to defend against mosquitos is to crush up dryer sheets and put them in your pockets, but it is still considered hearsay as it’s uncertain how many sheets you would need or how long the scent lasts. However, linalool diffusers were found to repel mosquitoes by 93% indoors and 58% outdoors.
In a study, gnats were given the choice to enter a container with or without dryer sheets, and the space with the dryer sheets always had fewer bugs. Leaving a stack of dryer sheets in dark, low-traffic corners of your home or around moist areas where plants are kept can help to deter mites, beetles, weevils, cockroaches, and fungus gnats.