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Can You Use Ketchup To Remove Rust From Your Refrigerator?
Homes are prone to patches of rust, especially iron or steel surfaces that frequently get wet. Thankfully, ketchup is perfect for removing rust from various surfaces.
Ketchup contains acetic acid, which removes rust via a process called neutralization. When applied to certain surfaces, this acid interacts with — and dissolves — rust.
Not only does ketchup clean silver, but it does wonders for iron and steel. Simply smear a generous amount on the affected area, and allow it to cure for several hours.
For extra power against stubborn spots and stains, add a bit of vinegar and some additional ketchup once the current layer dries, and use a wire brush or aluminum foil to scrub.
You can even create a paste from baking soda, water, and ketchup. Let the solution sit on the area for an hour before wiping it clean — and your appliances will look like new.