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Can You Use Vaseline To Fix Scuffed Leather Furniture?
Vaseline can moisturize dry leather furniture, remove minor marks and scratches from its surface, protect it from water damage, enhance its color and shine, and scrub it clean.
However, its greasiness can leave permanent stains and break down the leather if not used properly. Before using Vaseline on furniture, be sure to test if it irritates the leather.
Apply a small amount of Vaseline on a concealed spot and buff the area after it dries. If you don't notice any damage after some time, you’re safe using it to mend the scuffs.
Clean your leather furniture with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and dust, and let it air dry. Then, use a lint-free microfiber to rub small amounts of Vaseline on the scuffs.
Leave the surface untouched for at least an hour before cleaning the excess. Buff the surrounding areas gently with a cloth or brush to rub away extra grease.