A person scraping popcorn ceiling
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Can You Use Vinegar To Remove Popcorn Ceiling?
Getting rid of your popcorn ceiling could be a huge renovation project. Luckily, vinegar makes the removal process much easier and more economical by breaking down the paint.
Before you get started, make sure the ceiling is free of asbestos — do a scrape test using a kit you send to a certified lab ($10 at Home Depot). Then, gather your materials.
For this hack, you’ll need distilled white vinegar, the most important item in the process; a mudding knife or scraper; a tarp for your floor and furniture; and a paint sprayer.
Wear a mask so you don't ingest any solution, dust, or scraps from the ceiling, then mix 90% hot water and 10% vinegar in a paint sprayer. Next, spray the ceiling and let it soak.
Scrape off the popcorn using a scraper and add a topping compound to make your ceiling look fresh and clean. Finally, prime and paint the ceiling.