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Can't Open A Stubborn Jar Lid? The Best Solution Is In Your Wine Bar
One simple method to open stubborn jar lids might be quietly hanging out at your wine bar or in a kitchen drawer: A wine bottle opener.
Tight jar lids can defy all your efforts to open them, but in a TikTok video, a woman uses the hooked part of the wine key to easily open up a jar.
With little effort, the woman in the video places the bottle opener against the sealed jar lid, flicks her wrist, and after a little "pop," opens the jar easily.
To accomplish this, place the wine opener against the jar lid with the hook of the wine key under the lip of the cover, then press down firmly with your thumb on top of the opener.
It shouldn't take much pressure before you hear a slight pop that releases the vacuum seal of the jar. You should then easily be able to unscrew the jar lid.