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Carrie Underwood Shares The Two Appliances She Keeps In
Her Closet
Carrie Underwood’s chic and spacious built-in wardrobe holds not only her clothes, but her washer and dryer too, and this trending trick is worth a try if you have the space.
The most obvious benefit of placing your washer and dryer in the closet is accessibility, as you won’t have to worry about moving freshly laundered items from one room to another.
Underwood's setup means you can put everything away quickly and efficiently, without the tedious back and forth.
Placing your washer/dryer in the closet also allows for more floor space near the kitchen, dining room, or any area the appliances might have otherwise resided in.
For a setup like this, ventless machines that run on electricity might be the best option, mainly because they will be the least complicated to add to your closet.