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Cas Aarssen's Best Tip For Getting Organized
According to Cas Aarssen, founder of Clutterbug and the host of HGTV's “Hot Mess House,” you can't neatly organize your belongings if things that you no longer use are taking up storage space. The hard work begins with decluttering, which requires removing things from your home.
Aarssen identifies four main areas that generate clutter — the landing zone, the command center, the clothing clutter, and the toy clutter. The landing zone is where you enter your home, the command center is where you take phone calls, pay bills, and do other work, clothing clutter comes from holding on to unneeded items, and toy clutter is inevitable if you have little kids.
The Clutterbug system that Aarssen developed helps people identify the organizing style that will work best for the way they want to store and use items in their homes. Based on the results of a quick quiz, Aarssen offers specific steps based on your organizing style and goals.