IKEA Pax wardrobe filled with clothes
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Change Your Space With These Genius IKEA Pax Upgrades
Apply tape to the back of your new hardware, poke holes through it where the screw holes are, transfer the tape to your Pax doors, then drill through the holes in the tape.
Apply peel and stick wallpaper to any section of your Pax, starting in an upper corner. Slowly peel off the backing, using a smoothing tool to eliminate bumps as you go.
To ensure your paint adheres to the melamine surface of your Pax, lightly sand it and apply a strong primer. Then, add two coats of your chosen paint and a polycrylic topcoat.
Have mirrors cut to fit the doors on your Pax and attach them with mirror glue, or opt for budget-friendly adhesive mirror film or frameless mirror tiles.
To create picture frame molding on your Pax doors, attach decorative trim to them with a nail gun or Liquid Nails (or use adhesive molding), then prime and paint the doors.