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Check Your Refrigerator's Efficiency With This Household Item
If the food in your refrigerator isn't very cold, spoils before its "use by" date, or your monthly energy bill spikes, check its efficiency with this quick and easy hack.
When your refrigerator's door gasket (aka door seal) doesn't function as it should, cold air can seep out. To see if it is malfunctioning, all you need to do is grab a flashlight.
Turn on the flashlight, place it in your refrigerator, and close the door. Next, turn off all the lights in your kitchen and look to see if any light from your flashlight escapes the fridge.
If it does, it's time to replace your refrigerator door seal. You can easily purchase a new gasket online or at your local hardware store and replace it yourself.
You should perform this test whenever you suspect your refrigerator isn't performing as efficiently as it should or annually as part of preventative appliance maintenance.