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Choke Out Summer Weeds Like Crabgrass With This Hardy Grass
Invasive weeds like crabgrass perpetuate yearly, ruining manicured lawns. By planting zoysiagrass, you can choke out the prolific seed-spreaders before they take over your yard.
The best way to control summer weeds is by maintaining a dense turf. Because zoysiagrass spreads horizontally, it grows an impenetrable mat that suffocates intrusive weed growth.
Since it’s drought tolerant, you can allow the turf to dry completely between watering sessions. This, paired with its deep root system, will impede the weeds’ access to resources.
It takes up to five years to establish zoysia on an existing lawn, but only about a year in a new yard. While it can be planted from plugs or sprigs, sodding the grass is easiest.
Zoysiagrass will eliminate most summer weeds, except wild garlic or invasive broadleaf, as long as it remains disease and thatch-free, and you maintain a height of 1 to 2 inches.