Stone birdbath in a flowered garden
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Choose The Right Heated Bird Bath For Winter With These Helpful Tips
When the temperatures start to drop, available water becomes a precious commodity for thirsty birds, so adding a heated bird bath to your yard can be a smart investment.
One option is to consider purchasing a bird bath that has a built-in heater, along with a featured thermostat to keep the water in your basin at a consistent temperature.
Heated bird baths come in both basic and ornamental designs, and they most likely will need to be placed close to your home since they must be plugged into outdoor outlets.
Alternatively, you can add an immersion heater, also known as a de-icer, to simply improve an existing bird bath. These are suitable for warmer regions during unusually cold days.
De-icers come in many shapes and sizes and go inside the bowl to keep the water from freezing. They shouldn't be used in concrete bird baths, as they could damage the material.