Toilet with chrome handle
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Choose The Right Toilet Handle For Your Space With This Simple Advice
There are many styles available for replacing your toilet handle. To help narrow it down, first pick the material, then the style, and if you want it to match your other hardware.
Aesthetics are important, but longevity and user-friendliness are essential, too. While older tanks may need specific handles, newer toilets may allow for a universal lever.
Generally, most toilet tanks have a ½-inch lever hole size — but don't forget to take the arm's length into account so that it lines up with all the other parts.
As for materials, metal is durable and has a variety of finishes, like brass with its old-world charm, black to make a bold statement, or chrome to fit most bathroom designs.
Metal can rust or even jam if the thread corrodes. However, many newer models, like the Moen Doux Chrome Toilet Lever on Amazon, are resistant to rust and corrosion.
Plastic is cheaper and won't rust, but can be flimsier and lack that wow factor. However, whichever material you've chosen, you can now match your bathroom style.
If you choose a bold option, stick to the same color and finish as your other hardware, but if those are bland, make the toilet handle a feature with a different color or finish.