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Christina Hall Says To Skip This 'Overrated' Flooring Trend
Open floor plans often use continuous flooring: the same type of flooring material across the entire home. HGTV’s Christina Hall finds these continuous floors overrated.
Some areas of your home become more worn and age quicker than others, and if you have continuous floors, you’ll have to pay to replace them all at once, increasing costs.
Continuous floors also make it harder to create different aesthetics. For example, lighter flooring may work with a softer living room but not with the modern feel
of the kitchen.
If you already have continuous floors in your home, you don’t have to keep them. Hall has replaced parts of continuous floors with other options that complement the original.
If you need to update just a few areas of your floor, consider changing out the material, such as replacing vinyl flooring with wood or incorporating an area with ceramic tile.