A slug on a plant
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Cinnamon Is The Secret Weapon You Need To Ward Off Garden Slugs
Keep slugs away from your garden greens with an affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly kitchen staple: cinnamon. Slugs detest its potent scent and will stay away.
Simply sprinkle cinnamon around the base of your plants or create a barrier along trails frequently traveled by slugs. It will stick to their bodies and force them to retreat.
However, remember to be consistent and vigilant, regularly applying the powder to keep cinnamon's efficacy against garden pests intact.
For a more powerful solution, use cinnamon oil. Mix 20 drops of the oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle and spritz a fine mist around the slug-infested areas.
The oil can irritate the skin, so wear protective gear. Lightly mist the spray so you don't harm the plant, and repeat the treatment biweekly or after inclement weather.