Close-up of inside of dryer
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Clean Out Hard To Reach Dryer Lint With TikTok's Trusty Find
A dryer’s lint trap collects lint, debris, and fibers. It must be cleaned regularly, or it’ll take longer to dry clothes, be less efficient, and possibly turn into a fire hazard.
The lint trap screen is easy to clean since it slides out of the dryer, but it’s harder to reach the slot that holds the screen, as it’s narrow and deep, so lint builds up there.
You should remove lint and debris from the trap screen after every load, and deep clean the slot every six months. TikToker @jadefouse used a microfiber duster to clean the slot.
The lint trap is usually inside the door on the front of front-load dryers and on top of top-load dryers. Remove the lint screen and insert a thin microfiber duster into the slot.
You may have to re-insert the duster several times to get all of the lint. If you can't get all the lint out with the duster, consult your owner’s manual on how to remove the slot.