A person cleaning bathroom tile with a sponge
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Clean Your Shower With TikTok's Easy Swiffer Hack
This hack from TikTok creator @home_reimagined helps achieve a sparkling-clean bathroom much easier and safer, as you won't have to use a ladder or stretch
to reach high areas.
Find a washcloth or microfiber cloth of the perfect size to attach to the head of the Swiffer. You can also use a yoga sock with little rubber grippies on the soles instead.
Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and warm water in a bucket or bowl. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle with a funnel and directly spray the wall.
Moisten your Swiffer cloth with water, then scrub with your Swiffer mop. Repeat the process with a dry cloth to dry the walls, remove streaks, and leave behind a clean sparkle.