Hummingbird perched on white and red feeder
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Cleaning A Hummingbird Feeder? Avoid These Common Mistakes
Cleaning Infrequently
Hummingbird feeders contain sugar water, which breeds mold and bacteria that can sicken birds. Clean them once per week and more frequently in hot weather.
Cleaning Quickly
When cleaning, a quick wipe-down is not sufficient. You should completely disassemble the feeder to ensure all inner pieces are cleared of mold and bacteria growth.
Using Harmful Cleaner
Cleaners like dish soap and bleach are harmful to hummingbirds, so use a white vinegar solution. Add dry rice and shake the feeder to get rid of tough grime.
Skipping Gloves
Humans can contract bird-borne diseases like bird flu by touching an infected surface. Always wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly when handling your feeder.
Using A Sponge
Sponges collect harmful bacteria and damage your feeder, so instead you should use a stiff brush and a straw cleaner to effectively clean all the nooks and crannies.