Stairs in living room
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Cleaning Carpeted Stairs Has Never Been Easier Thanks To This Hack
Since vacuuming stairs can be awkward and produce lackluster results, TikTok user @anna_louisa_at_home uses a washcloth and pot lid to clean carpeted stairs.
To try the trick, soak the washcloth in a bowl of water, dish soap, and baking soda. Then find a pot lid that fits within the size of the stair and is small enough
to tie the cloth around it.
Squeeze any excess liquid from your towel, and then, with the lid in the center, wrap the towel around it and secure it with a rubber band or by tying it around the handle.
Once secured, drag the pot lid in a zigzag manner along the steps. Stop every five to six steps to remove, soak, and retie the towel to the pot lid until finished.
Let the stairs dry completely before using them. This method works best for light, frequent cleaning, but for deeper, annual cleaning you’ll need to use a steam cleaner.