Gutter clogged with leaves
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Cleaning Dirty Gutters Is No Sweat With Ryobi's Genius New Tool
Keeping gutters clean and free of clogs can be daunting, and getting it done professionally can be costly, too. For easier cleaning, use RYOBI's gutter blower attachment tool.
As shown by TikTok's @ryobitoolsusa, the RYOBI EXPAND-IT gutter blower attachment easily blows away debris lurking in gutters, helping you clean them while standing on the ground.
To use RYOBI's gutter attachment, buy its ​​attachment-capable string trimmer, costing around $179. Then, get the gutter blower attachment for an additional $129.
This must-have tool can remove wet leaves, pine needles, and even tightly packed debris. The attachment extends up to 9 ½ feet, so you'll be able to reach most one-story gutters.