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Cleaning Products That Ruin Laminate Floors You'll Want To Avoid Using
When cleaning laminate floors, it's crucial to choose the right product to avoid damaging them. Never use bleach and ammonia to clean these floors, as they are highly abrasive.
They can strip away the topcoat, leading to discoloration, dullness, and a loss of natural shine. Over time, their use can even affect the structural integrity of the laminate.
Similarly, steam cleaners pose a significant risk to laminate floors, as they can weaken the adhesive between the layers of laminate, causing the planks to swell, warp, or buckle.
Lastly, oil-based cleaners are a poor choice for laminate floors. They leave behind a residue that attracts dirt and dust, thereby diminishing the aesthetic appeal of
the floors.
This residue can lead to a sticky, tacky feeling and may even accumulate in the micro-grooves and seams, requiring extra effort to thoroughly clean the floors.