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Cleaning Your Coffee Maker Could Be Easier With These 8 Methods
Water & Vinegar
If limescale has built up in your coffee maker, fill up the reservoir with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water and run it through a drip cycle once.
Once it's run through, soak the pot in hot water and scrub off any hard-to-get stains. To get rid of the vinegar smell afterward, you can stand it in soapy warm water overnight.
If your coffee maker stains aren't too visible, use rice to get its shine back. Fill the carafe to the top with warm, soapy water; add a handful of rice; and swirl it around.
Rice water is slightly acidic, which makes it perfect for removing mineral stains and build-up. If you notice that the stains aren't lifting, use a sponge to loosen the rest.
Lemon Juice
You can run lemon juice through your coffee maker to get rid of residue and leave it smelling super fresh. Be sure to run water through it a couple of times afterward.
Salt & Ice Water
Creating an abrasive mixture using salt and ice could help you remove limescale and chip away at residue in your coffee maker.
Fill your carafe and use a spoon to stir up the salt and ice mixture. Then, pour it out; soak the carafe in warm, soapy water; and wipe over it with a soft cloth.
Baking Soda
Baking soda can help you clean the hard-to-reach parts of your coffee maker. Add a quarter cup of baking soda to a cup of warm water and pour it into the carafe.
After letting the solution run through once, flush the system with warm water, as having baking soda left in the machine could affect how your coffee tastes.