A person cleaning a tiled surface with microfiber cloth
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Cleaning Your Shower With A Sponge Mop Has One Major Benefit
Since shower walls are tall and tiled, they can be difficult to clean. Instead of simply avoiding wiping down these grime-prone areas, use a sponge mop for a better, easier result.
A sponge mop will help you reach up high and save you from bending down low, which could be painful for your arms and back. This hack also enables you to avoid using risky ladders.
Use any sponge mop you own, even if it has a completely flat surface, but
if you're buying one, get a sponge mop with a scrubber or a grooved surface for a slight scrubbing effect.
Spray the walls with your preferred cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes, and mop the walls, rinsing the mop in a bucket of clean water as you go. Repeat the process if needed.