Barista making brew coffee by pouring water on ground coffee
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Clever Coffee Ground Hacks To Use Around Your Home
Coffee grounds can work as a slow-release fertilizer as they contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Simply spread the grounds in a thin layer around your plants.
Deodorize Shoes
Coffee dregs can absorb odors caused by sweat and bacteria. Make a little sack of permeable material, fill it with grounds, and place them in stinky shoes overnight.
Repel Pests
Bugs do not like the smell of coffee, and the grounds can even damage an insect's exoskeleton. You can use coffee dregs to keep out ants, slugs, wasps, and snails.
Clean The Kitchen
Because of their texture, coffee grounds work as an abrasive to loosen burnt- and stuck-on messes on pans when combined with a little warm and soapy water.
Acidic coffee grounds also help break down and remove stubborn stains on your oven. Just put some on your sponge and use it to clean the inside of the appliance.
Dye Fabrics
Coffee grounds work as a dye for fabrics such as wool and linen, turning them into shades of brown and tan. You can use this to dye a whole shirt that has a coffee stain.