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Clever Command Hook Tips You Haven't Thought Of Before
Instead of yanking Command Hooks off the wall, look for the small arrows on the bottom or side. These indicate the direction you should slowly pull in during removal.
If the tab is covered or broken, heat it with a hair dryer and carefully slide a line of dental floss between the strip and the wall, then gently saw your way down.
Smooth Surface
Command Hooks have the best grip on smooth, uninterrupted surfaces, so don’t put them on heavily textured walls, along cracks, and especially not on curved walls.
Clean Surface
Command recommends using isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the surface before putting up a hook. Also, note that you cannot use Command Hooks on fresh paint.
Wrong Kind
Command has developed a wide variety of hooks for every style and function, so be sure to look into what type of hook would work best from the available categories.
Consider the size of the hook, the location, and its visibility. Command offers a handy Product Selector to help identify what will work best for your project.
Press Down
The application directions say that the user should press firmly, and evenly, on the strip for thirty seconds. This is a critical step to ensure that the adhesive holds.
Be sure to press the hook onto the other side of the strip for 30 seconds, as well. It can be moved up to three times within 20 minutes of application.