Metal tea kettle on stove
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Clever DIY Ideas That'll Make Use Of Your Old And Rusty Kettle
Hanging Light
Remove the bottom of the kettle, drill a hole through the top, thread the wire of a hanging light kit through, add a lightbulb, and mount the fixture on the ceiling.
Wind Chime
Drill holes in the bottom of the kettle, thread wire through and secure it, then attach old pieces of silverware to the wire. Decorate your piece with beads.
Remove your kettle’s lid, paint the kettle your chosen color, then fill it with soil and some plants. Use the spout to water your plants or to dump out excess water.
Lamp Base
Drill a hole in the bottom of the kettle, thread the wire of a lamp kit through, install the socket in the existing hole at the top, then add a lightbulb and lamp shade.
To create an "Alice in Wonderland" garden sculpture, attach a kettle to a pole at an angle, mount an old teacup below it, then add a dangling crystal to mimic tea pouring.