Green baking tray converted into memo board
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Clever Ways To Repurpose Baking Sheets In And Out Of Your Home
Serving Tray
Use a baking sheet when hosting to serve drinks and desserts or carry place settings. Decorate it with paint, tape, and contact paper, then cover with clear sealant.
Chore Chart
Divide the tray into sections labeled “to-do” and “done,” then DIY chore-based magnets to keep track of your tasks. Decorate the board with paint or metallic markers.
Lap Desk
Use velcro to attach the bottom of your baking sheet to an old pillow or cushion to create a comfortable and transportable desk that you can rest your laptop on.
Art Display
If you have kids, you likely have lots of artwork but nowhere to put them. Simply paint a baking sheet, hang it on the wall, and use magnets to create an art display.
Plant Drip Tray
Drainage from houseplants often leads to unwanted pools of water. Use a baking sheet to catch the excess water and prevent damage to your tables and countertops.