Birds resting on the branches of a dead tree during sunset
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Clever Ways To Repurpose Dead Trees In Your Backyard
1. Vase Decoration
Adding branches into a vase — especially from a tree from your yard — instead of traditional flowers can provide a naturally artistic touch to your home décor.
2. DIY Branch Light
Create a unique, cool-looking branch light with some DIY work by attaching bulbs and wiring to a branch from a dead tree in your
preferred style.
3. Racks
Repurpose strong branches from your dead tree into indoor racks for hanging clothes and accessories by removing the bark and securing them with wires
or brackets.
4. Shelves
Use pieces of your dead tree to create custom, possibly rustic-looking shelves, which can also be painted or decorated for an added personal touch.
5. Serving Plates
Attractive sections of a dead tree trunk and larger branches can be cut, cleaned, and treated to create rustic serving plates, trays, or charcuterie boards.