A muffin tin.
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Clever Ways To Repurpose Muffin Tins You Probably Haven't Seen Before
Garden Seed Spacer
It’s important to space seeds properly to prevent crowding and leave room for the roots. Press your muffin tin into the soil to mark off even areas for planting.
Bird Feeder
Turn your tin into a feeder by drilling a few holes on either side and using twine or wire to suspend it from a tree. Fill each cup with seeds for the birds to enjoy.
Leaf Sorter
Sort leaf clippings that you plan to use to propagate further plants using the different cups of the muffin tin, in a way that the open area or roots are unharmed.
Seedling Tray
Grow seedlings in your muffin tin by filling each section up with soil or a paper cup filled with dirt before placing a seed in each one to make repotting easy.
Succulent Planter
Some succulents stay small and don’t need a large pot to thrive. Grow a mini succulent garden by filling the cups in your tin with various plants, rocks, and more.