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Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Books For Stylish Home Decor
Create extra shelving space simply using an old book and some brackets. Use large hardcover books for maximum surface area or give slim books extra support with a wood sheet.
Turn old books into unique light fixtures by arranging tomes of different sizes or colors around a bulb. Angle the books to create a visually interesting statement piece.
Take a book with a pretty jacket, affix stickers or paint numbers one through 12 on the front, and add the second and minute hands before mounting your new clock on the wall.
Knife Block
Stand your books vertically and simply slip your knives between the pages for an easy, eye-catching DIY. Create a cohesive kitchen theme by using cookbooks.
Visual Art
Tear or cut pages from a book and glue them to a wall to create a gallery piece. Stain the pages with watercolor for a more standout look or mount the whole book instead.