A circular mirror hanging on a wall.
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Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Mirrors Around The House
DIY Your Own Vanity
Place a wall mirror on a desk to create a renter-friendly vanity for your space. It’s cost-effective and perfect for your makeup, hair, or skincare routine.
Transform It Into A Tray
If you have a smaller mirror that you're looking to repurpose, use it as a tray. You can also glue or screw on some handles to make it easier to hold on to.
Build A Mirror Mosaic
If your mirror is shattered, consider rearranging and gluing down the broken pieces, in random patterns or intentional designs, to create a mosaic.
Create A Chalk Board
Sand down the surface of your mirror and add a coat of primer before adding a few coats of writeable chalk paint to transform it into a functional chalkboard.
Glass Etching
To spruce up your existing mirror, use an etching cream to slightly deteriorate the surface of the glass and create a hazy, almost frosted look in different patterns.