Yellow and red pool noodles on a swimming pool
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Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Pool Noodles In Your Garden
Save Soil
Plants will grow as usual. The added foam won't disrupt water drainage or growing roots, and the planter will be lighter and easier to move around.
Plant Nursery
Pool noodles can hold seedlings in place when sprouting in a hydroponic nursery. Slice the noodles into 1-inch disks and insert the seedlings into the centers.
The foam should envelop the stems while the roots hang below. Place the noodle-wrapped plants into the water rail system and leave them to grow.
Poke holes in a pool noodle with a skewer to create jets, then plug one end with foam pieces and secure it with duct tape. Attach it to a hose and water your garden.
Row Cover
To protect plants from extreme weather, create a row cover using pool noodles. Start by planting the stakes a foot apart along both sides of a garden bed.
Attach the noodles from one stake to another, creating an arch, and drape a garden fabric on the foam frame. Secure the ends with clips, or use sandbags or soil for extra security.
Soften Edges
Soften a planter's edge so it doesn't damage the vines of plants like zucchini. Cut a pool noodle, slice it lengthwise to create a slit, and slide it onto the edge.