A plastic milk jug with a red lid
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Clever Ways To Repurpose Your Empty Milk Jugs To Help Your Garden Thrive
Drip Irrigation
Fill a milk jug with water or liquid fertilizer, place it next to a plant's base, and puncture a small hole in the side to make a DIY drip watering system.
Seed Tray
To make a tray for starting seeds, cut off the bottom of a milk jug, make some drainage holes, and
add soil and seeds.
Watering Can
Remove the lid and puncture small holes in it, or cut off the top portion of the jug, including the top part of the handle, making it the spout instead.
Mini Greenhouse
Cut the jug in half horizontally, keeping a part attached, make holes in the bottom and sides, and add the dirt and seeds. Once sprouted, transport
to a garden.
Compost Scoop
Cut a diagonal opening in the side of the jug so there's less plastic near the handle and more at the bottom to make a scoop for the compost.