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Clever Ways To Use Aluminum Foil Around Your Garage
Garages, workshops, and storage buildings often aren't well insulated. To fix this, bond aluminum foil, which has a reflective finish, to insulation like bubble wrap.
Simply ensure that the reflective surface is facing dead air space on at least one side. You can also use crumpled aluminum foil to seal gaps in walls, around pipes, etc.
Electrical Conduction
When batteries stop making a good connection with the terminals in battery compartments, shim them with aluminum foil because it's a good electrical conductor.
Just fold a small piece of foil until it fits into the compartment at the end of a battery. Wedge this bit of aluminum between the terminals and the battery or within the spring.
Since aluminum foil can form into any shape on the fly, it comes in handy during painting projects to protect items from adventurous paint sprays, splats, and splashes.
Simply put a piece of foil over the items, like door and cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and switch plates. Squeeze it into shape and trim away excess parts before painting.