An old box spring leaning against pole near curb
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Clever Ways To Use An Old Box Spring Frame In Your Home And Garden
Vine Support
Place a box spring frame vertically next to trailing plants, providing space for vines to climb and find support. Once they thrive, you'll have a beautiful plant wall.
Raised Garden Bed
Lay a box spring frame flat on the ground and fill it with soil. The interlocking planks act as built-in dividers for you to plant herbs, flowers, and vegetables.
Hanging Plant Decor
Create a hanging plant display by simply draping vines and flowers through the box spring framing. Once it’s filled with greenery, secure it to the ceiling.
You can even dangle faux plants or prop the box spring up against a wall to customize the statement piece. Adding lighting like paper lanterns would make it even more beautiful.
Giant Canvas
Strip all the stuffing and coils from a box spring, and cover its sturdy frame in fabric to turn it into a giant canvas. Paint a masterpiece and hang it on your wall.
Pet Tower
With a few toys attached to the wooden stand like scratching posts and squeaky plush animals, a box spring frame can become a jungle gym for your pets.
Since the box spring frame is slim, the structure shouldn't take up a lot of space, and you can affordably design it horizontally or vertically to best fit your home.