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Clever Ways To Use Old Tea Bags Around The House And In Your Garden
Because tea leaves are acidic, adding tea bags to your compost bin after you’ve brewed them can help to more quickly break down what you've added.
Soil Acidity
Tea leaves can also alter soil's pH balance, adding acidity to basic soil. Simply cut open your tea bags and sprinkle out the contents around the roots of plants.
Eliminate Odors
Tea bags can help banish odors without the overwhelming perfume of other air fresheners. Just dry out used tea bags and place them in areas that tend to be smelly.
Germinate Seeds
To start seeds, soak a few used tea bags in some cold water. Place them on a tray lined with damp paper towels, then make a small cut along the top of the tea bag.
Place your seeds into the holes and set them in a warm spot to germinate. Once they've sprouted, you can transfer the tea bags straight into the ground.
Glass Cleaner
Black tea is great for removing debris from glass surfaces without leaving streaks. Brew used tea bags again, then allow the mixture to cool and use it as a spray.