Ant infestation problem inside the house or office. Need to call the pest control guy.
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Clever Ways
To Use Vaseline To Keep Pests Out Of
Your House
Use On Stems And Trunks
Putting Vaseline on the stems and trunks for your plants deters creepy crawlies like aphids, scale, ants, earwigs, and more.
Vaseline won't have any effect on bugs that fly, but ground insects will get stuck in the petrolatum jelly. Keep it off the leaves because it will damage the plant.
Jar Traps For Roaches
Put fruit in the jar and coat the rim with Vaseline. The bugs will get trapped, either trying to get to the food or trying to escape from the sticky rim.
Repel Snails And Slugs
Applying Vaseline to the top edge of a plant pot will prevent snails and slugs from slithering up, protecting the leaves of your plants.
You can also add salt over the Vaseline, which will slow them down more and can even kill them. Err on the side of caution when adding the salt since it can be hard on the plants.
Deter Ants
The most common pest control use for Vaseline is to rid a house of ants. It works because ants cannot cross anything coated in petroleum jelly.
Apply a barrier of Vaseline at the entrance, somewhere protected from the weather and substantial enough to dissuade the ants. Reapply it overtime.
Sticky Trap For Whiteflies
Hang yellow paper around your garden coated with Vaseline. Whiteflies are apparently attracted to the color, and will get stuck
in the Vaseline.