Beautiful summer-flowering climbing rose covering a trellis
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Climbing Plant Pairings That Will Make Your Garden Pop
Verbena, Morning Glory
Both of these vining plants prefer similar growing conditions, such as loamy, well-draining soil, and direct sunlight. Plus, they both bloom in springtime.
Grapevine, Clematis
Like the previous pair, leather flower (aka clematis) and the common grapevine share similar growing preferences such as well-draining soil and partial shade.
The combination of the grapevine's attractive foliage and the clematis's bright blossoms, which bloom from spring to fall, adds significant ornamental value to gardens.
Virginia Creeper, Wisteria
Both these plants are spring bloomers, and though their maintenance can be demanding, the beauty of these flowering vines makes the effort worthwhile.
To grow well together, Wisteria’s finicky needs must be met, which include acidic, humusy, fertile, moist, well-draining soil that’s watered, fertilized, and pruned regularly.
Susans, Morning Glory
Black-eyed Susan and morning glory vines are easy-growing climbing flowers known for their long-lasting blooms and need for warm temperatures.
Despite the short lifespan of these two annuals, they quickly produce a large number of blooms with thick foliage, adding a pop of color to your garden with minimal assistance.
Flower & Beans
The blue dawn flower, from the morning glory family, pairs well with scarlet runner beans, which are of the same species as pole beans.
Both plants attract pollinators like hummingbirds and bees, making them excellent choices for boosting the health and vibrancy of
your garden.