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Clove Oil Is The Secret To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Home
Usually used as a flavoring in the kitchen, clove oil can also be a potent ant deterrent.
All you need to prepare this natural repellant is a spray bottle, water, and clove oil.
The spicy scent of clove oil is pungent to ants, who rely on their sense of smell to navigate, so they will steer clear of the areas where the oil is applied.
Additionally, clove oil contains eugenol, which attacks the bug's nervous system, per scientists. So, clove oil not only repels ants but also kills them.
Fill the bottle with water and add 35 drops of clove essential oil. Then add 35 drops of peppermint oil to make the solution more potent and effective.
Shake well and spray down the areas where
you habitually see ants. Alternatively, add two or three drops of the oil to cotton balls and place them in the infested areas.