A cockroach in a sink
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Cockroaches Love This Unlikely Spot In Your Home
Cockroaches can make a home just about anywhere in your house, and one of their favorite places to nest is also one of the last places you want to find them: in your laundry.
These pests are attracted to lingering smells of body odor and trace remnants of food in piles of dirty clothes. This is especially true if you leave dirty laundry on the floor.
Roaches can make their way into your laundry baskets and even seek out piles of clean laundry to hide in, enticed by the smell of detergent and the warm, humid environment.
If a cockroach who hasn't eaten in a while makes its way to your pile of dirty or clean laundry, it may resort to eating the actual fabric of your clothes, leaving holes behind.
Do your laundry often and put it away immediately after washing it to keep out cockroaches, and be sure to thoroughly wash anything that a roach may have come into contact with.