Blue hummingbird in flight
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Colorful Hanging Baskets Hummingbirds Love & Can Be Hung Anywhere
When you're seeking out appropriate plants for your garden, there are plenty of options that can live happily in a basket and hummingbirds will enjoy.
The best plants for hanging baskets that hummingbirds adore include flowers in bright reds and pinks, such as fuchsias and bee balm.
Other colorful flowers that look lovely trailing down from a planter or growing in bunches are petunias and geraniums, which come in various shades of red, pink, purple, and more.
A handful of plant varieties that work in hanging baskets are also notably low-maintenance, making it easy for folks with not-so-green thumbs.
For instance, calibrachoa plants quickly grow and can withstand droughts and high temperatures. Their care requirements are simple, and hummingbirds love them.