A man taking out aluminum foil from its roll
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Common Errors Everyone Makes When Using Aluminum
Foil Around
The House
Being a highly conductive material, aluminum foil can build up electric currents when placed in the microwave, leading to sparks and ignition of fire.
Flimsy Foil
Thin or flimsy foil may tear easily and cause uneven cooking or overexposure to direct heat. Even if used for other purposes, easily splitting foils can leave a mess.
Ironing Wrong
Most people place aluminum foil on top of the clothes, but you should put it underneath the iron board cover so it reflects heat onto your garments and saves time.
Repelling Deer
People think that the foil's reflective nature startles deer away and the sound of the foil frightens them. In reality, the foil isn't really as bright or as loud.
Inside Windows
People use aluminum foil on windows as a temporary solution to reduce heat gain during hot weather. However, many place it inside the window rather than outside.