Fresh cucumbers growing in an urban greenhouse
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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Trellising Garden Cucumbers
Even though cucumbers are climbing plants, assuming they will crawl up a trellis on their own is a common mistake — they require proper support and space to grow successfully.
Wrap vines around the trellis to encourage them to grow in the right direction. Tie young growth using string or twine for extra support, and remove it as the plant grows older.
If they still refuse to climb, try changing your trellis type, as cucumber vines prefer wire mesh or sturdy wood best. Also, make sure you planted a vining variety and not a bush.
Another common mistake is assuming plants need less space on a trellis. This is not true — plant your seeds about 8 to 12 inches apart to give the roots plenty of room to grow.
Regularly trim excess vines to prevent overcrowding, which reduces air circulation and attracts pests. Planting less bitter varieties like burpless can help deter cucumber beetles.