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Common Things You Should Never Clean With Dish Soap
You can use dish soap to wash windows, but don’t use too much or it can leave residue and streaks behind. Instead, try using rubbing alcohol or vinegar.
Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts warm water to make a rubbing alcohol cleaning solution, or equal parts white vinegar and warm water to make a vinegar cleaning solution.
While dish soap may be a good substitute if you're out of toilet bowl cleaner, don’t put it in your toilet's tank or it can damage the rubber and plastic parts over time.
It's best to use products specifically designed for toilet tanks to keep them clean and fresh without causing problems in the long run.
Hardwood Floors
Avoid using dish soap and water on unsealed floors, as you would have to wash the floor once more with clean water to remove the residue, which can damage unsealed wood.
You can use dish soap to clean sealed hardwood floors. Mix 1 part dish soap with 3 parts cool water, and once you're done cleaning, dry well to prevent discoloration.
Using dish soap in carpet cleaners or for spot-treating stains can leave behind residue and cause water absorption that may lead to mold, so it’s best to use a carpet shampoo.
If you do spot clean with dish soap, shampoo your carpet later to remove the soap residue. For spills, use a mixture of no more than 1 teaspoon of dish soap per cup of water.
Leather Furniture
When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, using dish soap can cause discoloration and harm its pH balance, leading to cracking and flaking over time.
Don’t use dish soap, or water mixed with anything, to clean your leather furniture. Use cleaners specifically designed for leather to maintain its appearance and longevity.