Stamped Concrete Patio.
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Concrete Patio Finishes You Should Consider Adding To Your Backyard
Stamped Concrete
With stamped concrete, you can achieve a faux stone look without breaking the bank. Here, the paving design is stamped directly into the concrete using flat molds.
The molds then create a pattern that mimics seams and grout lines. However, stamped concrete installations are tricky and it’s best to get a professional contractor for the job.
Stenciled Concrete
Using stencils can give you the look of bricks, stone, tiles, cobbles, or other kinds of paving by creating a faux effect on the surface of the cement.
It’s easier to DIY, as you don’t need to worry about the right consistency of the concrete or the pressure you’re applying. Simply position the stencil, fill it in, and lift it.
Troweled Finish
A troweled finish is one of the most basic finishes for a concrete patio. It’s DIY-friendly and will yield a minimalistic look ideal for a modern outdoor space.
Simply pour your concrete, level it with a float, and trowel it until it’s flat and even. However, if you want a seamless finish, consider calling a contractor.
Broom Finish
If you like the affordability of troweled concrete but want more traction, consider a broom finish where a hard-bristled broom is used over floated concrete.
It’s crucial to keep the broom strokes parallel to create a neat look and judge the timing correctly while DIYing a broom finish, as brooming wet cement can create coarse textures.
Swirl Finish
If you want the traction of the broom finish but with a more decorative look, create curved lines with your broom instead of straight strokes for a swirl finish.
As for the design, you can opt for anything from a zigzag pattern to full circles. If you’re doing it yourself, test out different designs on a patch of sand first to get an idea.