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Concrete Vs. Brick Pavers: Which Is
Best For
Your Patio?
When it comes to designing your patio, concrete and brick both have their pros and cons, but concrete pavers are almost always a more affordable option than brick pavers. Additionally, they offer greater versatility in terms of design, thanks to the wide array of colors and shapes they come in, and they are also much easier to install.
However, those who long for pristine patio pavers will probably be turned off by concrete's propensity to erode and fade over time. If you opt for a unique paver color to complement your backyard, fading can really diminish your pavers' beauty.
Bricks, on the other hand, are less prone to erosion and can last for decades, and even better, the small cracks that develop over time only add to their classic charm. Their natural color also outperforms concrete in terms of fading, making brick pavers a lovely option for patios and walkways that get a lot of direct sunlight.
The elevated price tag for brick pavers sometimes has homeowners opting for affordable concrete pavers instead. Additionally, bricks leave something to be desired in terms of versatility, as the lack of color and shape options isn’t something that can be easily overcome.