A woman looking at color swatches on a wall while holding a bucket of paint and a paintbrush in her hands
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Consider These 35 Chic Accent Wall Colors Before Painting
1. Black
For a dark and bold look, consider using a black satin hue with a sheen. This tone provides a stark contrast and suits a variety of styles and color schemes.
2. Sage Green
A sage green accent wall in your living room gives it a soothing and peaceful vibe, making it ideal for relaxation and welcoming guests.
3. Desert Palette
Choose a desert palette of reds, oranges, and yellows to create a fiery accent wall and a vibrant living space. Add matching pillows to make the area more lively.
4. Blue And Sandstone
Pair ocean blue and tan tones to set a tranquil, beachy vibe in your bedroom or living area without the clutter of sand and ocean.
5. Yellow
While a sunny, neutral hue of yellow delivers a modest statement, a warm yellow subtly enlivens a room. A mellow hue is best suited for areas well-lit with natural lights.